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Our bodybuilding blog has been is written by our cofounding director, Christine Envall, a 3X world Champion bodybuilder & food scientist. In these blogs, you'll learn how to bulk, you'll learn how much protein to build muscle, and you'll get a meal plan to gain muscle. There's loads of subject, tune in, subscribe and we'd love to hear your feedback.

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Hacks for Hardgainers

Are you giving it all your all in the gym, only to find that your net results in terms of muscle gain are, to say…

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Finally: A Protein Yoghurt for Bodybuilders!

  Yoghurt has a lot going for it. It’ s packed with protein, it’s full of probiotics and it’s high in calcium. That potentially makes…

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The Best Types of Exercises to Gain Weight

You may think that getting those gains is all about eating plenty of healthy food, especially protein. It certainly helps to eat right, but you…

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How To Access Wholesale Protein & Supplements For Resale

  Wholesale Protein & Supplements International Protein receives many wholesale protein & supplements queries for reselling in their stores and online shops. The answer is…

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Why Can’t I Lose Fat? Nutrition Secrets for Bodybuilders

  Why Can’t I lose fat?   Many athletes and bodybuilders find that they are eating completely healthy, but still aren’t losing weight. What’s going…

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Vegan Nutrition – How to Get All Your Required Nutrients from A Vegan Diet

Vegan Nutrition It seems like it’s the latest trend to go vegan. However, it’s not just a trend but a full-on lifestyle change for many…

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Plant Based Proteins VS Dairy Proteins

Finally, a plant-based protein that measures up from International Protein. Coming out of 20 years of solid nutrition and industry experience, International Protein is about…

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Skinny to Muscly – How to Build Muscle If You’re Naturally Skinny

Those of us with smaller builds sometimes have to work considerably harder to bulk up than other that have that genetic X-factor. When you’re naturally…

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Maintaining Muscle Mass During Coronavirus

Bodybuilding & COVID With Australia closing gyms during the COVID-19 pandemic, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have had a lot of questions about how you can…

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The Zone Diet

Wanting to keep your hormones in check to avoid mood and weight fluctuations? The Zone Diet could be the answer you’ve been looking for. This…