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Our bodybuilding blog has been written by our co-founding director, Christine Envall, a 3X world champion bodybuilder & food scientist. In these blogs, you'll learn how to bulk, you'll learn how much protein to build muscle, and you'll get a meal plan to gain muscle. There are loads of subjects, so tune in, subscribe, and we'd love to hear your feedback, questions and comments.

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Vegan Nutrition – How to Get All Your Required Nutrients from A Vegan Diet

Vegan Nutrition It seems like it’s the latest trend to go vegan. However, it’s not just a trend but a full-on lifestyle change for many…

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Plant Based Proteins VS Dairy Proteins

Finally, a plant-based protein that measures up from International Protein. Coming out of 20 years of solid nutrition and industry experience, International Protein is about…

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Skinny to Muscly – How to Build Muscle If You’re Naturally Skinny

Those of us with smaller builds sometimes have to work considerably harder to bulk up than other that have that genetic X-factor. When you’re naturally…

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Maintaining Muscle Mass During Coronavirus

Bodybuilding & COVID With Australia closing gyms during the COVID-19 pandemic, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have had a lot of questions about how you can…

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The Zone Diet

Wanting to keep your hormones in check to avoid mood and weight fluctuations? The Zone Diet could be the answer you’ve been looking for. This…

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How to Avoid Sugar Cravings

  As so many of you loved our previous article “How to use nutrition to get fantastic results”, we thought we would dig deeper into…

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How to Use Nutrition To Get Bodybuilding Results

Who better to ask about how to get optimal nutrition for your workout routine than International Protein’s co-founder and Aussie Muscle Guru, Christine Envall? Christine…

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Many bodybuilders choose to cut carbs in shredding season. However, there are multiple reasons that this may not be the best idea for muscle recovery….

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Which Protein-Rich Foods Should I Eat for Muscle Growth?

We all know that we need protein to build, repair, and maintain muscle. So, which protein-rich foods should we be eating for maximum gains? There…

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Let’s Get Technical About Fat Burners

When you’re looking to drop weight and burn fat, many bodybuilders turn to fat burners. No two fat burners are exactly alike, making it difficult…