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How to Use Nutrition To Get Bodybuilding Results

Who better to ask about how to get optimal nutrition for your workout routine than International Protein’s co-founder and Aussie Muscle Guru, Christine Envall? Christine…

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Why Should I Eat Carbs When Bodybuilding?

Many bodybuilders choose to cut carbs in shredding season. However, there are multiple reasons that this may not be the best idea for muscle recovery….

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Which Protein-Rich Foods Should I Eat for Muscle Growth?

We all know that we need protein to build, repair, and maintain muscle. So, which protein-rich foods should we be eating for maximum gains? There…

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Let’s Get Technical About Fat Burners

When you’re looking to drop weight and burn fat, many bodybuilders turn to fat burners. No two fat burners are exactly alike, making it difficult…

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How to Grow Your Muscles with Protein

Protein is made from amino acids – the crucial element required to grow your muscles. If you’re looking to gain muscle mass, you need to…

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Muscle Bulk vs Endurance – Can Protein Do Both?

The importance of protein in nutrition and health cannot be over emphasised. Proteins are found throughout the body, with 40% of proteins found in skeletal…