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Write For Us

Are you a guest blogger, a copywriter or someone that's passionate about the fitness & online supplements industry? Are you an expert in a specific field of nutrition or muscle building, and you'd like to write for us?

We'd love to hear from you.

We only release technically accurate information, so your content writing must be well researched and provide evidence of any claims you make.

In Australia, the health regulations are very strict, so we take this seriously, and if your content is not to an approved standard, we may ask you to revise it or not publish it at all.

You must be a specialist with accreditations or a history of working in the supplements, health or fitness industry.

Articles must be at least 1500 words long, and you may link only to relevant websites. Only one external link in your article is allowed, assuming it is relevant. You may, however, send us multiple articles.

Keen to get started?

A few points to consider first. 

  • Your content writing must be original. Any articles you submit mustn't be published anywhere else, and once submitted, your article's intellectual properties are transferred to the ownership of International Protein.
  • Do not publish elsewhere in future. You agree to not re-publish or submit elsewhere. If you'd like to re-publish anywhere else, such as on your portfolio, please first ask for permission in writing.
  • Only one link per article. 
  • Content must be relevant. If it's not relevant, your hard work will be rejected, and you will not get another chance to post on our site.
  • Do not sell. Hard selling is not useful for the reader; your articles should be made to inform rather than to promote.
  • International Protein reserves full editorial control.
  • Guest posts are not financially compensated.  You won't be financially remunerated for your articles. However, we will give you a link to your site, which is a fair exchange and a win/win scenario. If your writing is exceptional, we might reach out and ask you to become a contributor that is paid.