How To Access Wholesale Protein & Supplements For Resale


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International Protein receives many wholesale protein & supplements queries for reselling in their stores and online shops. The answer is yes, we do offer wholesale and even drop-shipping relationships! No matter whether youre in Australia or overseas, you can become our newest International Protein stockist. So, what does the process of purchasing wholesale protein and supplements from International Protein look like? We make it as easy as possible – Here’s how it works.


The first thing you need to know is why you should choose to stock International Protein over any other brand you could select. Here are several key reasons: it will sell fast, the products tastes great, and we use the highest quality ingredients available. You can purchase all products, including pre-workout supplements, fat burners, creatine, amino’s and various proteins.


International Protein is already well-known throughout Australia, as weve been operating the supplements market for 20+ years. A large reason for why weve grown so much is due to word of mouth; People who use our products tend to absolutely love them and remain loyal for years. They tell their gym buddies about the taste, the digestibility and the results, so naturally, more and more people are hearing about our protein & supplements all the time. You wont have to make much of a push to get our products sailing out the door!


We have a fantastic reputation for our tasty protein powders and other products, as the flavour is a huge focus for us. We know our products are superior because not only do we make them ourselves, but we dont find that a lot of people are returning them either. People love the taste and keep coming back for more.


We use recognised, branded ingredients in our products. The reason for this is that they are of higher quality and they go through rigorous quality check processes from external sources. We test our products in-house also and are audited by suppliers to ensure that the ingredients stated on the label are at the levels.

A lot of our whey products come from New Zealand. When we chose this, it was because New Zealand and Australian whey processing were far beyond the quality of many other countries. While many other countries have now improved their processes, we continue to use New Zealand and Australian products because of their superior taste qualities, as well as the fact that our whey is produced from grass-fed cows, without bovine growth hormones, penicillin or antibiotics. Our whey suppliers regularly audit our products to ensure that we’re compliant with meeting their quality standards allowing us to market with their brand.


We believe that using natural processes is not only best for the cows but produces the best tasting milk as well. It avoids that nasty aftertaste that youll find in some protein supplements and has a wonderfully creamy, tasty flavour.


If youre thinking about importing our products to another country, one of the fantastic things about this is the rigorous testing that is mandatory in Australia. You can be certain that the products are of the highest quality because we have to get third party tests done on all of them before theyll be allowed out of the country. This is far more regulated than most other countries where companies test their own products – instead, our results are objective.


The bottom line is that if youre going to buy wholesale International Protein products, you want them to sell quickly, so its important to talk about how people choose protein products.

You may think that people just go for the best-looking packaging, but thats not necessarily the case. We think that around 50% of people understand what the ingredients are and most people can read nutritional labels to find out which are the best products.

When you have people who can read these labels and understand the importance of quality ingredients, they are going to go for International Protein. Our products have many branded ingredients, such as Brutal Pump which contains as many as 7 or 8. Many of our products also have exceptionally low sugar and carb content as well.




You can reach out to us anytime to let us know that youd love to be an International Protein reseller. You can do this in a number of ways including via text, phone, on our website, or through social media.


No matter how you contact us, within 12 – 24 hours you can expect to be contacted by one of our local representatives. While we are based on the Gold Coast, we have reps Australia-wide ready to chat with you about stocking our products.Usually, we arrange a face-to-face meeting when its viable to do so, otherwise, well meet and greet over email or the phone. This is a chance for you to ask any questions you have about our products and how to access them.


The next step is that well run you through a credit check, as is standard in this type of situation. If that comes back all clear, then were ready to work together! You decide what quantity of each product you want and we let you pay via cheques, credit card payments, and more. Were very flexible to fit in with your business needs and what suits your company. We offer wholesale drop shipping opportunities so you can make your business as fluent and streamlined as possible.


Next, you will receive our products. Once your credit check comes back clear and youve purchased the product, youll have it in your hands in up to 5 days. It usually ships quickly; in around 3 days to North Queensland or South Australia, 1 day to Sydney, and 2 days to Melbourne. If youre in Western Australia, it can take up to 5 days.


The next step is to learn about your brand new products! Our reps are ready to come to your store and explain everything that your staff need to know about International Protein products. Once they understand the products, they can accurately advise and make recommendations to your customers.

We also do a lot of promotional activities which can help you sell the products in your store. This includes in-store tasting, which we find help draw people into your store and make purchases.


If youre overseas and considering importing our products, were more than happy to work with you to make that happen! Heres what you need to know:


In many countries, our Australian export license is recognised, making it an easy process for you to start selling our products outside of Australia. This means no extra paperwork apart from an import license or permits if required for your country; we just need to ensure that we meet the regulations of the country the product will be sold in and were good to go.

However, in other countries, it is more complicated. The process can take 1-3 months or as long as 2 -3 years to complete before our products will be allowed to be sold there. If this is the case, well be there with you every step of the way as we are committed to expanding our distribution areas to reach more markets for our products. We do most of the paperwork for you, but it helps if you understand food processes, as thats what a lot of FDA/ Health departments want to know about imported products.


We dont have a set minimum order for our international distributors. We want to help you start selling from the ground up to create a sustainable business rather than overloading you with products.

However, there is a certain amount of testing paperwork we have to do for exports, and this is expensive! So generally international distributors will start with a shipment worth around $5,000 or $6,00 as this makes it more worth the cost. Thats a good amount for you to go and test the market and see how people respond to the products.

Thanks for reading this blog on International Protein wholesale products and If you’d like to learn more, listen to a podcast from our co-founder Troy Bremner, specifically discussing wholesale supplements. If youre interested in stocking our products, wed love to hear from you! Contact us today.

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