Finally: A Protein Yoghurt For Bodybuilders


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Yoghurt has a lot going for it. Its packed with protein, its full of probiotics and its high in calcium. That potentially makes it a near perfect snack food for bodybuilders – in fact, for anyone keen on health and fitness.

There  is a catch, however, with many of the popular yoghurts on the market – they’re packed with sugar, artificial flavours and other food additives that dont belong in your body. Those that are low in sugar and substitute free, usually taste horrible.

Its not surprising, then, that most of us have learned from bitter experience to steer clear of yoghurts and to look elsewhere for our protein snacks.

Well, that is about to change!

Introducing the latest release from International Protein . . .



International Proteins Protein Yogurt has been created especially to meet the needs of those who put their body first. Every serving provides you with 20 grams of protein plus 3 grams of dietary fibre, but only 5.9 grams of carbs, 4.8 grams of which are sugar and 136 Calories. That is a pretty impressive nutritional profile when you are after a snack to keep you in positive nitrogen balance while also promoting healthy digestion and elimination.

Want to know the best thing about Protein Yoghurt?

It tastes awesome!

In fact, this yogurt tastes so good that youll find yourself double-checking the ingredient label to check that it really does contain fewer than 5 grams of sugar per serve. Your taste buds are bound to convince you that this stuff cant possibly be that healthy – it just tastes too good!



Just check out these flavours . . .

Choc Hazelnut Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake

Banana Coconut Pie


If youve got a pulse, then those flavour names have already got your tastebuds salivating!

All I can tell you is that youre going to be in for an exquisite taste experience when you get any one of those flavours into your mouth.

International Protein use real dark chocolate flakes in their Choc Hazelnut Cheesecake mix, real Aussie strawberries in their Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake mix and real white chocolate flakes in their Banana Coconut Pie mix.

International Proteins’ Protein Yoghurt makes an incredibly tasty, filling and nutritious stand-alone snack. You can enjoy it as a guilt free evening dessert snack or use it as part of your pre and post workout whole food nutritional strategy.


  • Gluten free
  • Excellent source of natural protein (20 g per serve)
  • 20 serves per container
  • Low sugar
  • Real Greek Yoghurt with probiotics
  • Prebiotic fibre
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours or preservatives
  • Contains real fruit or real indulgent chocolate (based on which flavour you choose)


Protein Yoghurt makes a fantastic instant dessert to delight your dinner guests or simply to enjoy on your lonesome. Here’s how to prepare it . . .

  • Place a 35 gram scoop of Protein Yoghurt into a bowl.
  • Add 90 mL of cold water and stir until smooth and creamy like a dessert.
  • Eat immediately or chill for 30 minutes in the fridge.

If you want a thinner consistency to your dessert, slowly add more water. Make sure that the powder is completely mixed before adding water.


You can also use International Protein Protein Yoghurt as the base for a nourishing smoothie. Heres how . . .

  • Put 120-130 mL of cold water into a blender or mixer.
  • Add ice cubes as desired.
  • Add a 35 gram scoop of Protein Yoghurt and bend or shake until the powder is dissolved.

Your Protein Yoghurt Instant Dessert and Smoothie will provide you with 20.2 grams of protein and 136 calories when you use the Choc Hazelnut Cheesecake. The other flavours will give slightly different nutritional values.

You can enhance the flavour of your desserts and smoothies further by replacing water with such liquids as coconut, almond or low fat milk. This will also change the nutritional values.

Protein Yoghurt can be used to fill plain donuts and layer cakes or used as a delicious high protein topping for healthy homemade cakes and baked treats.



With the release of Protein Yoghurt, International Protein brings to the market a game changing product that fills a major gap in the market. Finally, theres a low sugar yoghurt that delivers a  high protein content, fibre, probiotics, and calcium without all of the flavourings and preservatives that come with most yogurts. Whats more International Proteins Protein Yoghurt tastes so good youll have a hard time believing that its actually good for you!

Every container of Protein Yoghurt provides you with 20 serves. That means youll be able to enjoy a guilt free dessert treat night after night – the only problem will be stopping after one serving!

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