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Performance Range



    Brutal Energy High-Stim pre-workout is formulated with ingredients that provide mental and physical energy for any type of workout (aerobic or anaerobic). The Energy & Focus complex ingredients boost mental alertness and elevate mood to make pushing through a mentally tough session easy.



    L-carnitine is found in different forms in different parts of the body. Carni-Strip provides L-carnitine in the forms that it is found in all parts of the body – muscle, heart and brain. It also contains more stable forms of carnitine that L-carnitine, so it doesn’t ‘melt’ and smell like fish after a few days.

  •  ISO-Cuts


    Active levels of Green Tea, natural Caffeine and Hydroxycitric acid blended with ultra-low fat Whey Protein Isolate for maximum fat burning results. Lipotropic amino acids support metabolic processes for optimal weight management.

  •  Brutal Pump

    Brutal Pump

    Brutal Pump Pre-workout is designed for those who need that skin splitting, muscle -swollen, totally pumped feeling as part of their anaerobic workout. A pump for many people is synonymous with growth and may actually experience increased strength in this hyper-pumped state.

  •  Trainers Choice

    Trainers Choice

    Trainers Choice includes over 24g of protein in a 30g serve and tastes like a scrumptious dessert without the bad stuff!..

  •  Superior Whey

    Superior Whey

    Whey protein is a rich source of all the essential amino acids, especially leucine, which are needed for natural muscular development. Whey proteins are high ….

  •  Protein Synergy 5

    Protein Synergy 5

    Synergy 5 has been designed as a specific muscle growth (anabolic) protein.The blend of proteins in synergy 5 provide hard training athletes with superior muscle growth…

  •  N.O. Ignition

    N.O. Ignition


    - Caffeine Free
    - Concentrated Formulation
    - No Added Sugars or Carbs
    - Vasodilation, Strength, Endurance & Focus

  •  Kre-Alkalyn


    Kre-Alkalyn’s® patented “pH Correct” buffering technology turns the tables on creatinine. It doesn’t convert in liquids! We call it pH Correct technology. You’ll call it the best way to avoid side-effects, loading, cycling, while saving money and getting the results you want from creatine.

  •  Glutamine


    Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in skeletal muscle tissue, making up about 60% of its total content, and is the predominant amino acid used during exercise…

  •  Extreme Mass

    Extreme Mass

    Extreme mass dangerously anabolic weight gainer was formulated as a powerful mass-building supplement. The nutrient rich formulation, including 5 types of protein…

  •  Extreme Carbs

    Extreme Carbs

    Extreme carbs is an energy & glycogen recovery formula that has been specifically developed to enhance post-workout glycogen synthesis, therefore improving anabolic recovery…

  •  Amino Recovery

    Amino Recovery

    Amino Recovery is an advanced, scientifically formulated, during and post-workout formualtion developed to help achieve the fastest recovery possible after intense aerobic or….

  •  Amino Charged WPI

    Amino Charged WPI

    Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) – highest protein (94% by dry weight basis), lowest fat and less than 1% carbohydrates and sugars (lactose). WPI is naturally high in bioactive ….

  •  M-casein


    Maintain Positive Nitrogen Balance and improve overnight recovery with the unique combination of naturally occurring slow-release, muscle sparing amino acids found in M-Casein.