Mariah Carew – International Protein

Mariah Carew

Age: 26
Occupation: Sports Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Online Nutrition & Fitness, Coach, Comp Prep Coach
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Contest History:

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Classic Figure State Title Overall Winner 2019,
ICN Australian Titles 2019

Which IP supplement do you use & how/when do you use them?

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In my yoghurt, smoothies, oats and home made pancakes: Amino Charged WPI
Before a workout: Carni Strip, Brutal Pump & Brutal Energy
Intra/Post Workout: Amino Recovery

Greatest achievements:

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Launching my online coaching business with over 500 clients & Winning the Overall QLD State Title in Ms. Classic Figure with ICN in 2019

Ms. Classic Figure Novice Champion Australia 2019 and 2nd, 2nd, and 4th places in her 3 other divisions at the ICN Australian Titles 2019

Training Regime:

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6 x 45 minute-1hr weights sessions per week with added cardio in cutting seasons and when prepping into Comp.

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