Christine Envall – International Protein

Christine Envall

Age: 46
Occupation: Co-Owner of International Protein, IFBB Professional Athlete
Sport: IFBB Professional Bodybuilding
No of Years Competing: 24
christine envall bodybuilding competition
christine envall bodybuilding competition
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2014 Ms Olympia 11th
2014 Chicago Pro 3rd
2014 Omaha Pro 3rd
2014 Toronto Pro 7th
2013 Tampa Pro 14th
2013 Chicago Pro 7th
2013 Toronto Pro 11th
2003 IFBB Night of Women’s BBNew York City, NY, USA 7th HW
2002 IFBB Jan Tana ClassicLynchburg, Virginia, USA 8th HW
2002 IFBB South West Pro CupArlington, Texas, USA 3rd HW
2001 IFBB Women’s Extravaganza Pro ShowNew Jersey, NJ, USA 6th HW
2001 IFBB Jan Tana ClassicLynchburg, Virginia, USA 6th HW
2001 NPC-A/IFBB Southern States,Melbourne 1st HW(no Overall awarded)
2000 NABBA World Championships,New Zealand 1st Overall
1999 NABBA World Championships,Austria 3rd
1999 NABBA Australian Championships,Melbourne 1st Overall
1998 NABBA World Championships,Spain 1st Overall
1998 NABBA Australian Championships,Melbourne 1st Overall
1997 NABBA Universe,UK 2nd (Short Class)
1997 NABBA Australasian Championships,Geelong 1st Overall
1997 NABBA World Championships,Greece 1st Overall
1997 NABBA Australian Championships,Melbourne 2nd
1997 NABBA Night of Australia’s Best,Canberra 1st
1997 NABBA Victorian Championships,Melbourne 1st
1995 NPC-A/IFBB Australia’s Most Muscular Woman,Sydney 1sti
1995 NPC-A/IFBB Victorian Championships,Melbourne 1st HW & Overall
1995 NPC-A/IFBB Southern States,Melbourne 2nd HWii
1995 NPC-A/IFBB Autralasian Championships,Sydney 3rd HWii
1994 NPC-A/IFBB Southern States,Melbourne 1st MW
1994 NPC-A/IFBB Bendigo City,Bendigo 1st Open
1992 NABBA Australasian Championships,Melbourne 5th
1991 NABBA Victorian Championships,Melbourne 1st (Short Class)
1991 NPC-A/IFBB Outback Classic,Broken Hill 1st LW
1991 NPC-A/IFBB Bendigo City,Bendigo 3rd

How Athlete Uses International Protein Supplements:

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Glutamine and Krealkalyn pre training
Iso-Cuts & Natural Hydro Whey at breakfast
Iso-Cuts and Extreme Carbs with Amino Recovery & Glutamine post workout
Protein Synergy 5 afternoon tea and nighttime

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