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Chayse Tattershall

Age: 27
Occupation: Lift Electrician
Sport: Bodybuilding
Number of years competing: 4
chayse body building
chayse body building
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2014 IFBB Nationals Novice 1st NSW, 2nd AUSTRALIA
2016 IFBB Nationals U100kgs 1st NSW,2nd AUSTRALIA
2018 IFBB NSW O100kgs 2nd NSW, IFBB Omara Classic O100kgs 2nd, IFBB Arnold Classic O100kgs Top 6

Which IP supplements do you use & how/when do you use them?

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Meal replacement throughout the day- Superior whey protein & pro-nut
Pre workout- Amino charged WPI, Extreme carbs, Brutal energy and brutal pump
During- Amino recovery
Post workout- Amino charged WPI, Extreme carbs, Glutamine and Kre-alkalyn
Night time- M-casein and Pro-nu

Training Regime:

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Mon- Chest
Tue- Back
Wed- Legs
Thu- OFF
Fri- Shoulders
Sat- Arms
Sun- OFF

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