Brent Culleton – International Protein

Brent Culleton

Age: 35
Occupation: Personal Trainer & Business Owner
Sport: Bodybuilding
Number of years competing: 14 years
brent culleton competition
brent culleton competition
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Contest History

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NABBA Queensland titles novice top 5
IFBB Queensland titles bodybuilding novice 3rd

IFBB Gold Coast Classic u90’s 1st
Arnold Classic u90’s competitor

IFBB Gold Coast Classic u90’s 2nd
NABBA Cairns classic class 2 1st
NABBA Cairns classic over all winner
IFBB State titles u90’s 2nd

FBB Gold Coast Classic u90’s 3rd
Arnold Classic u90’s competitor
Kahma classic super body 1st (pro card)
Kahma classic pro open 6th

Which IP supplements do you use & how/when do you use them?

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Glutamine and Amino recovery during and after training
Amino Charged WPI 2 serves with 50g oats
Extreme mass 2 serves per day in off season
Brutal energy for training
RTG chocolate or ice coffee for a snack

Greatest Achievement

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My son, Flynn

Training Regime

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Weights training 6-7 days a week with a 4 day split. hammies and glutes, Chest and shoulders, quads and calves, back bi’s and tri’s

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