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At last, a plant protein powder designed for hard gainers. MRP Refeed’s amino acid profile contains all the essential amino acids in the amounts your body needs. It hasn’t just been created for the general nutrition market, but specifically for bodybuilders and athletes who want more from their plant protein powders. As more athletes are choosing to follow a plant-based diet or nutrition program, that shouldn’t mean missing out on the high-performance extras often found in regular protein powders. Plant Power MRP Refeed by International Protein is here to change the game of plant protein powders. We created this plant protein powder to help you perform at your peak and with optimal muscle growth and recovery in mind.



Although a plant protein powder, Plant Power MRP Refeed rivals a typical whey formulation in terms of completeness and quality. We achieve this through a combination of pea, organic rice, and sacha inchi proteins to provide the best anabolic profile possible to support muscle growth and recovery.

Plant protein powders, by nature, have a medium digestion rate. MRP Refeed has revolutionised protein digestion with hydrolysed pea protein, and mung protein peptides for that instant post-workout protein hit. These plant protein peptides provide the most effortlessly and rapidly digested form of plant protein available to accelerate recovery.

This product contains energy-rich native tapioca and nutrient-rich MODCARB® complex carbohydrates. This unique ingredient is a combination of gluten-free oat bran, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, and millet. Provide your body with the sustainable fuel to drive intense workouts and offer extra protein during exercise. Take this supplement to ensure you achieve optimal muscle maintenance or weight gain.

Energy and vitality are essential to outstanding sports performance. Coconut water powder, organic maca, and creatine support strength while providing clean energy and natural electrolytes. Some scientific evidence suggests maca gives you a natural energy shot. It can also help combat the stress caused during heavy training and competition.

Delicious, naturally-flavoured Plant Power MRP Refeed tastes incredible even when mixed with water, but it also blends perfectly with almond and coconut milk. Add it into other foods like non-dairy yoghurt for a tasty snack. This refeed protein is one of the best vegan protein powders available today, so don’t miss out on trying it!



Complete Essential Plant Protein + Natural Carbs

If you’re looking for a plant protein powder that delivers all of your nutritional needs, Plant Power MRP Refeed is ideal for you. It contains high-quality protein and carbs at a 1:1 ratio for the perfect pre or post-workout meal. 

This product contains pea and rice, which contain complementary amino acids. These are further supported by the complete essential amino acid profile found in the ancient super seed sacha inchi. This seed is an excellent source of omega-6 fatty acids as well as omega-3. These peanuts which are native to Peru are the perfect complement to a vegan diet. They also contain vitamin E, beta-sitosterol, and protein to cover a range of nutritional needs.

To cover the carbohydrate portion of ingredients, we have included a unique blend of native tapioca, gluten-free oat bran, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, and millet. These provide a healthy source of carbs to give you the energy to complete your gruelling workouts.

Mung and Pea Peptides

Sick of plant protein powders that are all slow to medium-release? That’s why we’ve added in these protein peptides derived from mung and pea – to help you achieve instant recovery. They kick in immediately to help with performance and quicken muscle recovery.

Pea peptides are a common ingredient in skin and beauty products because they make your hair and skin feel great. Plus, they may contain antioxidants to help boost your immune system. Mung beans are more commonly associated with digestive health, and they contain a lot of fibre. They can also help you feel full for longer, which can be useful if you’re trying to shed those extra kilos.

MCT Energy

Unfortunately, some plan protein powders containing MCT do have some dairy casein. Plant Power MRP Refeed is a 100% vegan source of protein and carbohydrates. Rest assured that this product is entirely plant-based but will still help to give you the power to get through a challenging training session.

Organic Maca 

Over 3000 years ago, people started realising what a vegan powerhouse maca is. It is a plant-based source of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that can reduce your stress levels while increasing your energy.

Vegan Creatine

Creatine is readily available to most people through the consumption of meat and dairy. However, it is more difficult for those who eat a plant-based diet to obtain. Creatine can help to improve your workout performance and use every ounce of strength you have.


Not a fan of stevia? Instead of including fake, synthetic sweeteners, we have chosen to sweeten this product with a little bit of low-GI organic coconut sugar. The inclusion of real coconut sugar ensures that you can enjoy the excellent taste of this supplement with natural flavours and no fake aftertaste.

Digestive Enzymes

Absorbing all the nutrients in a plant protein powder isn’t always easy on the body. That is why we decided to add DigeZyme® digestive enzymes into this plant-based protein powder. DigeZyme® contains a carefully-selected blend of digestive enzymes to help your stomach digest and absorb all the nutrients this product has to offer. The proteins get broken down into amino acids chains by the enzymes to help with absorption.



It has been known to relax you and lift your mood. Some research into maca has suggested that it can relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Other studies indicate that maca has the potential to make you faster and improve your endurance. We are keeping a close eye on the outcomes of these, as anecdotal evidence supports this theory.



One of the most common questions we get asked is, what do vegan athletes eat for protein? We know that getting enough quality plant protein in on a vegan diet can be a challenge. Eating plenty of plant protein sources such as legumes, beans, grains, tofu, and walnuts can help. A great way to make sure you get an adequate intake of protein is by taking a plant protein powder such as Plant Power MRP Refeed. We find that our customers say this is one of the best plant protein powders they have ever tried. They love the combination of protein and carbs as it saves them having to think about whether they are getting enough protein in their diets.



For one serving, mix 70g (2 scoops) of powder to 400ml of water or your favourite plant-based milk. This mixture tastes excellent as it is, or you can mix it up into a nutritious smoothie for a delicious post-workout protein hit. You can even change up your breakfast routine by adding a serving to your morning oats or non-dairy yoghurt. Consume 1-3 times a day for optimal benefits.

Nutritional Information
Serving size: 70 g
Servings per container : 32.4
Ave Qty
per 70g
Ave Qty
per 100g
Energy 1159 kJ
277 Cal
1655 kJ
396 Cal
Protein 26.2 g 37.5 g
Gluten 0 g 0 g
Fat – Total
– Saturated
5.3 g
3.4 g
7.6 g
4.9 g
Carbohydrates – Total
– Sugars
30.1 g
4.6 g
43.6 g
6.6 g
Sodium 351 mg 502 mg
Potassium 20 mg 29 mg
Creatine 2.5g 3.6g
Essential Amino Acids
 Ave Qty
per 70g
 Ave Qty
per 100g
 Leucine 1893 mg 2704 mg
 Lysine 1434 mg 2048 mg
 Phenylalanine 1269 mg 1813 mg
 Valine 1241 mg 1773 mg
 Isoleucine 1043 mg 1491 mg
 Threonine 808 mg 1154 mg
 Tryptophan 704 mg 1005 mg
 Histidine 539 mg 770 mg
 Methionine 456 mg 651 mg
Non – Essential Amino Acids
 Glutamine & Glutamic Acid 4222 mg 6032 mg
 Aspartic Acid 2456 mg 3508 mg
 Arginine 1940 mg 2772 mg
 Serine 1155 mg 1650 mg
 Proline 1143 mg 1633 mg
 Alanine 1043 mg 1490 mg
 Glycine 959 mg 1371 mg
 Tyrosine 956 mg 1365 mg
 Cysteine 293 mg 419 mg

Nutrition for ANZAC Biscuit


Serving size:  70 g

Servings per container: Approx. 32

Ave Qty per 70g serving

Ave Qty per 100g


1167 kJ

279 Cal

1667 kJ

399 Cal


26.2 g

37.5 g


0 g

0 g

Fat – Total

      –  Saturated

5.5 g

3.5 g

7.9 g

4.9 g

Carbohydrates  – Total

                         – Sugars

31 g

3.1 g

44 g

4.4 g


357 mg

510 mg


20 mg

29 mg

Essential Amino Acids


1894 mg

2706 mg


1446 mg

2022 mg


1271 mg

1776 mg


1242 mg

1774 mg


1047 mg

1496 mg


810 mg

1157 mg


712 mg

1017 mg


541 mg

773 mg


452 mg

646 mg

Non – Essential Amino Acids

Glutamine & Glutamic Acid

4231 mg

6044 mg

Aspartic Acid

2469 mg

3528 mg


1942 mg

2774 mg


1149 mg

1642 mg


1145 mg

1636 mg


1041 mg

1488 mg


956 mg

1365 mg


955 mg

1364 mg


289 mg

413 mg

Additional information
Weight N/A

Anzac Biscuit, Choc Cherry, Vanilla Custard

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Plant Power MRP Refeed

  1. Ash Horton

    This tastes so good. Great product.

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  2. Troy Deering

    I had the Choc-cherry and it was great.
    Smooth and tasted just like a whey shake.
    I’m not vegan but trying to add more plant based proteins to my diet and found this really hit the spot.

    (0) (0)
  3. Nelson Thomas

    Good quality and good product. Healthy and natural ingredients are added.

    (0) (0)
  4. Nelson Thomas

    It gives me and my husband the perfect amount of energy, and go above and beyond workout!

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  5. Tyler Hudson

    This is the best plant protein on the market! They don’t have the grainy texture that many plant-based proteins have.

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