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2:one:1 is the best BCAA powder that we have created yet! Boost your exercise performance, accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and support muscle growth with this vegan BCAA supplement. It features a balanced 2:1:1 ratio of the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Plus, these muscle recovery supplements also include a healthy mix of glutamine, citrulline, and electrolytes for even better performance.




One of the best ways to ensure that you have a high enough intake of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) in your nutrition regime is by taking muscle recovery supplements. Our vegan BCAA powder includes a perfectly balanced ratio of BCAAs, designed specifically to help you perform at your peak and recover faster.


BCAAs have a number of scientifically proven health benefits, including:

Increase Muscle Growth

When BCAA supplements are taken after a resistance (weights) session, muscle protein synthesis increases by 22%. Don’t forget to then take your Superior Whey or Amino Charged WPI for a full-on protein hit that can help you to achieve even more outstanding results.

Decrease Muscle Soreness

When taken before or during a workout, BCAAs have been shown to decrease the muscle damage that occurs during training, which in turn reduces the muscle soreness commonly experienced post-workout.

Reduce Exercise Fatigue

Two separate studies show that exercise participants who supplemented with BCAA products improved their mental focus during exercise, which is thought to result from the fatigue-reducing effect of BCAAs.

Prevent Muscle Loss

More than 1/3 of the essential amino acids found in muscle protein are BCAAs, and around 40% of the total amino acids required by the body are BCAAs. During times of heavy stress (such as when you’re dieting for a contest), illness, ageing, or infection, it is critical to replace the BCAAs used by the body to prevent muscle loss and wasting.




Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are all branched chain amino acids. BCAAs make up three of the nine essential amino acids needed by the human body. As our bodies do not create these amino acids ourselves, they must be consumed through food intake. That’s what makes them essential – we must intentionally consume them, as they cannot be synthesised within the body. One of the best ways to make sure that you’re getting enough BCAAs in your diet is through taking supplements. 

BCAAs play a key role in providing energy for exercise metabolism. They are the primary protein fuel source during exercise. Rather than your body taking fuel from your existing muscles during a gruelling workout, it will instead use the BCAAs you have consumed, helping you to retain muscle mass.


One of the reasons that many customers consider this the best BCAA supplement that they have tried is that it contains added glutamine to boost your muscle recovery. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle, and combining BCAAs with glutamine further improves muscle recovery by decreasing muscle protein breakdown and increasing muscle synthesis. Glutamine increases muscle cell volume and supports muscle glycogen replenishment after exhaustive exercise, such as high-intensity sports or bodybuilding.


Not only does this powder have one of the best BCAA ratios, but it can also improve your performance with added L-citrulline. Citrulline supplementation helps to reduce fatigue and improve endurance for both aerobic and anaerobic prolonged exercise. It also converts to arginine in the body, improving blood flow during exercise. 


These BCAA supplements can help you to stay hydrated with additional electrolytes, allowing you to work longer and harder with hydrated muscles.

No Added Sugars or Caffeine

Don’t suffer from unwanted sugar or caffeine crashes when, inevitably, your sugar high ends. Instead, you’re consuming only natural muscle fuel from our plant-sourced BCAA powder. This can help with weight loss as well, as you’re not consuming additional unnecessary calories.



If you want to consume our best BCAA powder yet, simply mix one scoop (10g) with 200mL – 400mL of cold water in a shaker. Shake it up and drink for a delicious way to get your daily intake of BCAAs that takes no time at all.

Nutritional Information

Servings per Container: 27

Serving Size: 10g

Qty per 10g serving

Qty per 100g


108 kJ

26 Cal

1080 kJ

260 Cal


– L-Glutamine

– L-Leucine

– L-Isoleucine

– L-Valine

5.8 g

750 mg

2500 mg

1250 mg

1250 mg

57.7 g

7500 mg

25000 mg

12500 mg

12500 mg

Fat, Total

– Saturated

0 g

0 g

0 g

0 g


– Total

– Sugars

0.6 g

0.3 g

6 g

3.3 g

Electrolyte Blend

174 mg

1740 mg


137 mg

1370 mg

L-Citrulline Malate (2:1)

250 mg

2500 mg

2:one:1 Amino Blend [(Branched Chain Amino Acids (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine), L-Glutamine, L-Citrulline Malate 2:1], Inulin, Food Acid (Malic Acid), Electrolyte Blend (Sodium Chloride, Potassium Citrate), Natural Flavours, Sweetener (Sucralose), Natural Colours (Copper Chlorophyllin, Curcumin).

Manufactured on equipment that also produces products containing Milk, Egg and Soy ingredients.

Additional information

Honeydew Melon, Passionfruit, Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi

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4 reviews for 2 One 1

  1. Ash (store manager)

    Tastes great, it’s my recovery go-to.

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  2. Kristen lalley

    2 one 1 is an amazing amazing product. I use it daily post workout! And the taste is the best I have tried!

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  3. Nelson Thomas

    Excellent product for an intense workout! Great buy.

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  4. Tyler Hudson

    Gives me additional boost and concentration during trainings and workouts. Helped improve my exercise efficiency.

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