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Aussie Muscle Guru magazine strives to bring together International and Australia's top bodybuilding, fitness competitors, and nutritional experts to provide insights and advice into how they eat, diet, train and the mindset they apply to staying at the top and achieving their goals.
Each issue will cover topics including:
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Training Tips
  • Strength Training
  • How the Pro's do it
  • Tasty High Protein Recipes
  • Specific Supplement
  • Training articles
We believe the more you understand the better you will be. We want to provide a trusted source for exercise, health, athletic performance and sports nutrition advice. With the knowledge base from Aussie Muscle Guru magazine, we love to see everyone become empowered to take control of your own progress, work out your own diet, know what and why to choose certain foods and supplements and understand why and how to perform the best exercises