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What is PeptoPro® ® the ingredient in Amino Recovery and why is it important?

PeptoPro® ® is a patented hydrolysed protein ingredient made from the milk protein casein, making it a casein hydrolysate.  PeptoPro®  is hydrolysed using a specific enzyme that results in a less bitter tasting product that is highly soluble in water.  As it’s derived from Casein, it has the same amino acid profile as casein, which is excellent for recovery being high in Glutamine and the full spectrum of Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s).  As most people know, Casein in its native form is very slowly digested, however by hydrolysing the casein in PeptoPro® , the result is a protein consisting of many small peptides (>60% di and tri peptides) and very few free form amino acids.

What is the significance of these peptides?  Di and Tri peptides are much more rapidly absorbed than free Amino Acids or native/intact (unhydrolysed) proteins.  PeptoPro®  has a very fast passage through the stomach and is very rapidly absorbed from the gut leading to fast appearance in the circularity system where it can be taken up into the muscle. 

Substantial human clincial studies show PeptoPro® ® can improve endurance, reduce muscle soreness, deliver faster recovery and increase muscle growth.  This is possible because PeptoPro® ® contains the ALL the EAA’s, not just the BCAA’s, and in the most rapidly absorbed form possible.  That’s right, these nutrients can be accessed by your body within minutes.  The recovery process doesn’t wait until you finish your workout, so neither should your recovery supplement.

PeptoPro®  is important in a product designed for recovery because it has the following benefits:

• Instant delivery of building blocks (amino acids) to the muscles:

• Protects the muscles during exercise

• Kick-starts the recovery process immediately after exercise

• When used with carbohydrate it improves protein balance and muscle protein synthesis, already during exercise!

When did you earn your IFBB Pro card?

My first competition ever was in Washington DC in 2006. I was fortunate enough to win the overall my very first show. After that I took a year off and won my class at the Jr. Nationals in Chicago in 2007. In 2010, after a couple of 2nd place finishes, I won the light heavyweight class to earn my IFBB Pro card. The one thing that I learned is that this is a marathon and not a sprint. I allowed my body a good offseason to grow and make improvements.

How does the chromium polynicotinate in ISO-CUTS assist with fat loss?

Chromium indirectly helps with fat loss. Chromium is an essential micro-mineral that is necessary for proper carbohydrate metabolism. It helps improve glucose utilisation and may help to reduce appetite, particularly sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Through reduction in sugar and carb intake it is easier to lose fat. The chromium supports the action of the ingredients in ISO-CUTS such as green tea and green coffee that directly increase thermogenesis. ISO-CUTS uses chromium polynicotinate because it’s the safest and best absorbed form of chromium. While chromium is present in most foods, it is there only in trace amounts. Broccoli is one of the richest sources, but you’d need to eat nearly 8 cups of it to get the same amount as 1 serve of ISO-CUTS!

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